Thailand's Rich and Ancient History of Women in Buddhism

Thailand has a rich and ancient history of women in Buddhism, from the 3rd century BCE, when Asokan-era arahant missionaries Sona and Uttara Thera came from India to the ancient land of Suvarnabhumi first sharing the Buddha's teaching, ordaining more than 3,000 noble men and 1,500 noble women as bhikkhus and bhikkhunis. This was the foundation of Buddhism in Thailand, where Buddhism is still very much alive and flourishing to this day, with more than 90% of the population being Buddhists of the Theravada School. Thailand also has many Chinese-Thai Mahayana Buddhists, and an old and recently reviving history of Vajrayana Buddhism. The ancient land of Survarnamubhumi or Suvannabhumi in the Pali-Buddhist language -- the Land of Gold -- used to include all of Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and the South of Vietnam and China.

This blog showcases a little of the immense wealth of the rich heritage and history of Thailand's Buddhist women - and of all of the Thai people and culture - from ancient to modern times. We hope you enjoy your Women in Buddhism Tour here and during your stay in Thailand!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Annual Samaneri Ordination 6 April and 5 December 2011

Reviving an ancient Buddhist tradition, since the past two years, Phra Mae Dhammananda Bhiksuni and Songdhammakalayani Monastery have kindly been offering women in Thailand the equal opportunity to be ordained as a samaneris in Buddhism.

This year, their Annual Samaneri Ordination program will be held on two dates:
April 6th and December 20th.

See for details.
The application form and informative brochure can be downloaded here.
If you cannot read Thai, ask a Thai friend to help you out, or contact Songdhammakalayani Monastery for the English form.

To learn more about temporary ordination
as a Mae Chee (white robed Thai nun) or Samaneri (woman novice monk)
you can see the bottom of the left sidebar on this blog.

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